Installing and Using Query Tools

MySQL query browser:

MySql packages two client tools which can be installed for either remote or local access to a mysql database server.  The query browser is used for browsing the schemata and creating and issuing queries.  The administrator is mostly not that useful unless you are creating your own database.  But it does let you stop runaway queries, which is pretty useful.

They can be installed separately using:

      apt-get install mysql-query-browser
      apt-get install mysql-administrator

Connecting to the database:


With all database interfaces, you are required to authenticate by providing the following information:


      HOST:       matilda
      USER:       DLS
      DATABASE:   DLS2009a.


DLS is an account with has select and execute privileges.  That means that you can read from the database and run stored procedures, but you are not allowed to alter the database.  If you need to be able to write to the database (for example, to create your own working tables), please ask Perry for an account with its own database where you can create tables.


This is a python program which can be used to extract data from the DLS database and save it in fiat 1.0 format.  Please see the separate document on at http:/matilda/db2fiat.notes.htm


Installing python-mysqldb


This is a package which provides a python module for accessing the database.  Install this if you want to write your own programmatic queries in Python.  This module is also a requirement for


From Ubuntu:        apt-get install python-mysqldb


      From Fedora:        yum install python-mysqldb