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The Fiat page from the public DLS website:

Jim's plugin to view Fiat catalogs in DS9: source:fiat-ds9

How to convert FOCAS image files to FITS

  • Jim has a simple little C program called "focas2fits" that works on some FOCAS files, but segfaults on others (/home/jbosch/local/src/focas2fits). Make sure you try it with both '-b' and without.
  • "imop" seems to work most of the "others", if you can find/compile a working version of that. Perry might have one.

How to set up and use Mathematica through vnc on

1. Create the folder ~/.vnc/ and copy ~amit/.vnc/xstartup to ~/.vnc/

2. ssh into lsd and run vncserver, optionally with the flag "-geometry 1280x1024" if you would like a different resolution. The default resolution is 1024x768. Upon first execution, vncserver will prompt you for a password for the desktop. Pick an appropriate one. If you want to change the password in the future, just erase ~/.vnc/passwd and start over.

3. When vncserver starts, it will say something like New ' (amit)' desktop is Whatever number is after the colon (in this example 1) is your desktop number. On your local system, run the command vncviewer lsd:1 (replacing the number as necessary). You will be prompted for your password, and then you will get the vnc desktop containing a gnome sesion.

4. Open a terminal and run Mathematica lag free.

5. Have a beer.

6. Your desktop will persist if you close the vncviewer window. If you ever want to kill the session, first select "log out" from the gnome menu, then log into lsd and run "vncserver -kill :1", again replacing 1 with your server number.