Database Basics

June 18, 2010


The goal of this class is to introduce you to the basics of  reading DLS catalogs from the database.  To get started, you should install the tools described in the first section of this tutorial, and attempt to follow along so that you get a feel for the use fo database tools.


I will use the DLS Database as the example in this tutorial, but will avoid talking about the specific contents of the database very much.  We will need to do some team sessions later on for those topics.




How to install the database tools           query_tools.notes.html


Basic Database Concepts                     database_concepts.html


The DLS schema                                  dls_schema.notes.html


Using                                   db2fiat.notes.html


MySQL queries                                    query_tips.notes.html


DLS stored functions                            mysql_dls_procs.html


Useful Resources:


db2fiat modules


MySQL Select Syntax

MySQL Select Syntax


MySQLDB reference

Python DBAPIi 2.0 reference